loving you

2 min readSep 7


Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

loving someone is often abandoning the possibility of alternate universes.
strange leaps of faith across
possibilties, twisting strands of
choices intricate, fragile webs.

it is not called falling because
it is easy.

to stand at a precipice,
rocks crumbling under your feet,
and instead of taking a step back
on steady, solid ground,
you tip forward with certainty.

weightless, buoyed by the
memories of quiet joy.

loving someone is often
not knowing what lies at
the bottom of a cliff.

but taking the chance.
because letting go is unthinkable.

in the middle of innocuous conversations,
you find yourself thinking about
a future with them.

and suddenly, no other fish
are even in the sea.

loving someone is often choosing
how they make you feel.
over and over again, day after day.
adding up to a lifetime.

every single moment,
love is a conscious decision.
eschewing the rest of the world,
until it shrinks down to one twinkle
in their eye, one dimple on their cheek.

the greatest love stories repeat
in different languages,
different cultures,
common threads tying them together,
perhaps they are the same as you and i.

because loving you is knowing,
that even in worlds i cannot confirm exist,
i would find you, and i would choose you.